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2009 Fishing Forecast for Barren River Lake

BARREN RIVER LAKE 10,000 acres (Barren and Allen counties)

Bluegill/Redear Good Large population with good numbers of heavy 68 inch fish. Fish stump beds and back of coves during the spring and fall with deeper fishing in the summer along rock outcrops.

Catfish Excellent Good populations of channel and flathead catfish present with good numbers of larger fish. Best fishing period is during June when spawning occurs along rock outcrops and back in the end of smaller coves. Use live or cut bait, chicken liver and night crawlers in the summer. Night fishing generally best.

Crappie Fair Black crappie comprise the majority of the crappie population. Remainder of good 2003 year class of black crappie should grow to harvestable size (9 inches) as year progresses. White crappie will be in short supply, but with most being 10-12 inches or better. Target shallower water to find black crappie in spring and early summer. Summer fishing is best around deeper structure and fish attractor sites.

Hybrid striped bass Good Overall numbers are good with large fish (20-inch plus) available. In spring, focus on headwaters with spinner rigs and crank baits. Target main lake early in the morning and at dusk in the summer and fall as schools appear throughout the lake. Look for areas where fish are working bait into the shallows. This can be some very thrilling fishing. Some fish taken during the winter months scattered throughout the lake.

Largemouth Bass Excellent Higher than average numbers of 15-inch plus fish are available from strong 2002 and 2003 year classes.

White Bass Poor/Fair Numbers still low. White bass have been stocked since 2002 in an attempt to bolster chronic low population. Often found in mixed schools with hybrid striped bass. Target headwater areas during spawning runs in late March to mid April with spinning rigs.

Yellow bass Good Yellow bass numbers continue to increase since their discovery in 2003. Compared to white bass and hybrid striped bass they are smaller-sized (6-9 inches), have darker lines on the side with broken lines on the lower rear portion (the broken lines appear to be in a line) and have a general yellow appearance. Fishing methods similar to white bass using smaller jigs and spinners.